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Thank you again for participating in the"2019 English Topkids Carnival" activities!  All children performed so well on 18th May!  Well done, everyone!

2019 English Topkids Carnival Selected Lists are shown here. In case the selected students cannot join the activities, please notify our school as soon as possible to facilitate the arrangement of the waiting list. Thank you for your attention!

Congratulations to P6 students RONG SEN YEUNG HEI, YE CHIT HAM KEVIN and XIONG JUN XIANG for winning the bronze award in the 14th Hong Kong Joint Primary School Mathematics Competition (North District). In addition, six P6 students also won merit certificates.
Seventeen students from our school participated in the STEM Learning Fair 2019 co-organized by Pak Kau College and iFuture. Altogether they took part in three different events and won excellent results in each competition.
In order to enrich our students' learning experience, the Maths department held a "Multiplication Competition" for the P2 to P3 students. During the process, all the students enjoyed themselves.

The five Tung Wah schools in North District (Kap Yan Directors’ College, Li Ka Shing College, Ma Kam Chan Memorial Primary School, Hong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Appliances Merchants Association Ltd. School and Tsui Tsin Tong Kindergarten) have jointly organized the English Ambassador Scheme to widen students’horizons in English learning. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals North District Joint Schools English Funfair was organized to celebrate students’learning on 11th May. There were drama performances and game booths based on the famous story Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Also, there were music and dance performances from five schools.

The school’s Recorder Group won the following prizes in the 71st Hong Kong Schools’ Music Festival:

(1) Recorder Ensemble – 1st runner-up

(2) Recorder Duet - Primary School - Age 13 or under:


1st runner up  P6  HUANG YUFENG & LAN LISAY

2nd runner up  P6  WANG YU TUNG & WANG YUEN TING

(3) Descant Recorder Solo - Primary School - Age 13 or under:

Winner  P6  WANG YU TUNG

1st runner up  P6  LAN LISAY & TSUI YEE KI

(4) Descant Recorder Solo - Primary School - Age 10 or under:

1st runner up P5  CHEN TIN OI

2nd runner up P5  LAW KA HIN

Individual Events

(1) Vocal Solo - Chinese - Boys or Girls Treble Voice - Primary School - Age 10 or under

Winner  P5  BAI YUHAN

(2) Graded Piano Solo - Grade Two

2nd runner up  P1  CHOW JEFF MYRON

On 6th April, STEM elites from 14 TWGHs Primary Schools gathered in our school hall to participate in the joint-school STEM competition. The competition was divided into two rounds. Apart from having to strategically control the mBot cars, students also needed to program the mBot cars using Micro:bit in order to strive for the higher scores. Everyone was well-prepared and they challenged and learnt from one another. On that day, P6 students TO SAI KIN, WANG YU TUNG, WANG YUEN TING and YANG SHU XUAN participated in the competition. They won the third place in the first round, came fourth in the second round and finally won the overall 1st runner-up. Congratulations to all the prize winners.

A group of students participated in the STEAM Science and Technology Day on 13th April. On that day, students participated in the making of solar cars and power boats. They also conducted tests and competitions with their products. The students were so excited and they look forward to joining this event again next year.

On May 1st, the school was invited to go to Ngong Shuen Chau Naval Base to join the open day of the missile destroyer Haikou and the missile frigate Huangshan. The students were very enthusiastic about boarding the two warships.

The application for transfer admission of the 2019-2020 (First Term) is now closed. The school will notify candidates who are eligible for the written test on or before May 17, 2019. The written test for transferred applicants is expected to take place in the afternoon of June 3, 2019. Students who perform well in the written test will be invited for an interview. The school will announce the results before June 28, 2019.

On 11th March, the school choir went to the Tai Po Civic Centre to participate in the 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Primary School Choir Competition. After months of practice and preparation, our group of music-loving students performed two songs in the competition and won the first prize!
Our school’s junior percussion band went to Tuen Mun Town Hall on 6th March to participate in the 71st Music Festival competition. Under the guidance of the band instructor, our band members performed their piece “A Taste of the Classics” successfully and won the first prize! Congratulations!
On March 19th, the school’s String Orchestra went to the Y Theatre to participate in the Joint School Music Competition 2019 and won the Silver Award. We would like to thank our conductor for helping our students improve their techniques.

From April 14th to 17th, our school held an exchange study tour to Zhengzhou and Xian. Principal Fung, teachers and students, a total of 35 participants, went to our school's sister school, Zhengzhou University Experimental Primary School for a visit. Later, teachers and students went to Xian to go sightseeing. This exchange programme widened the students' horizons as they were able to learn more about the history of China and its development. It was a truly valuable experience for students as they learnt to be more independent and caring towards one another.

The naming ceremony of the Wong Wha San Family Computer Room was held on 29th March, 2019. Mr. WONG Yin Chi, the Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals cum honorary supervisor, was invited to officiate the ceremony. The unveiling ceremony of the signage of the Wong Wha San Family Computer Room was hosted by Chairman Mr. WONG Yin Chi, Chairman Mr. Senta WONG, Vice Chairman Mr. MA Ching Yeung, Director Mr. WONG Chung Yin, Director Ms. YAN Zi, Director Mr. TSENG Hing Fai and the representatives of the Wong Wha San Family. It was a great ceremony.

A total of 27 students participated in the competition this year. This competition helps students improve their thinking, communication and social skills. The results of the competition are as follows: Lower Primary: Solo Recitation (Chinese) P2 CHUNG PUI WAI – Overall 2nd runner-up Prepared Story Telling/Prepared Speech (Putonghua) P2 CHEN RAINY -Overall 1st runner-up Prepared Story Telling/Prepared Speech (Cantonese) P3 MO MAN TIK SKY – Overall 2nd runner-up Upper Primary: Solo Recitation (Chinese) P5 CHIU SHUI KEI -Overall 2nd runner-up P6 WANG YU TUNG – Overall 2nd runner-up P6 TSUI YEE KI – Outstanding Performance Award Prepared Story Telling/Prepared Speech (Putonghua) P6 HUANG YUFENG – Overall Champion P6 QIU TSZ CHING – Outstanding Performance Award

2019-04-12World Book Day

Our school celebrated World Book Day on 12th April. In addition to the Book Crossing activity and book fairs, there were also some theme-based activities on Chinese culture held in the hall. We hope to enhance our students' interest in Chinese history and deepen their understanding of the Chinese culture through all these activities. There will also be a Chinese history theme-based book exhibition in the school library to give students a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.

A big congratulations to the following students: P6 student Wang Yuen Ting was awarded a Gold medal, Champion of the Impromptu Speech Competition and Champion of the Impromptu Recital.

Our school’s dance team participated in the 55th School Dance Festival on 8th March. Our P.1-3 team members joined the lower primary school Children Dance category and were awarded a B Grade Award. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to our PE teachers for their continuous guidance and to the parents for their support.

Our school’s dance team participated in the 55th School Dance Festival on 6th March. Our P.4-6 team members joined the upper primary school Western Dance category and were awarded a B Grade Award. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to our PE teachers for their continuous guidance and to the parents for their support.

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