Class Management

To build a unified and harmonious study atmosphere through the scheme of Class Management; to establish the scheme of Form Captain so as to strengthen the support to every class.

Activities for Class Management:

1. Establishment of class rules and motto: with each class setting up their own rules, students are obliged to act in line with the rules and make promises with an aim to boost their self-disciplinary level.


2. Design of Class badge: students are asked to create a badge for their class so as to enhance sense of belonging among them.

3. Caring Day: birthday parties and festival celebrations are held inviting students and teachers to join so that they can have interactions beyond the formality of the classroom.

4. Sharing: the relationship between teachers and students are as close as friends that they share their opinions on all aspects of life.

5. MKC News: students are kindly reminded to pay attention to their surroundings with regular school updates.

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