School-based curriculum

We focus on students’ interpreting and problem-solving ability. Teachers ask students to demonstrate the process of solving math problems in class to improve their problem-solving and interpreting skills. Besides, teachers arrange different activities in class to form and strengthen their mathematical concepts. Also, we have designed our featured school-based courses such as Master of Math, Math in Life and Unit Worksheets for school curriculum development and to enrich students’ learning experience.

School Activities

We always arrange different math activities for students, such as Mathematics Treasure Hunt Activity, Times Table Reciting Competition, Estimation Activity, Math Day and so on. We want students to learn outside classrooms and develop interests in learning math.

Extracurricular Activities and Achievements

We have Mathematical Olympiad classes to foster students’ high order thinking skills and broaden their learning experience. We also encourage our students to participate in different math competitions and have won repeated success, such as winning High Distinction Certificate in The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, First Prize in Huaxia Cup National Mathematics Olympic Invitation Competition, First Prize in Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Contest and so on. These activities and achievements broaden their horizon and strengthen their confidence.

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