Our school implements a set of “High Effectiveness in Achieving Word Recognition” learning-and-teaching methodology when conducting lessons in P.1 with aims to help students gain a deeper understanding of the features of Chinese characters for better vocabulary memorization and recognition and arouse their interests in learning and foster their quality thinking. The implementation of this methodology also hopes to better students’ observational and analytical skills towards Chinese characters.

Mandarin Chinese is the medium of instruction in conducting Chinese lessons with one Mandarin Chinese class respectively in P.2 to P.6, aiming to cater for varied learning needs and enable students with higher level of suitability to attend Mandarin Chinese lessons in order to upgrade their spoken and written Mandarin Chinese.


On the aspect of writing, we have incorporated the concept of creativity into our teaching materials in writing applying as well the content of reading materials to let our students make good use of their resourcefulness. Small-class teaching is employed so as to facilitate the teaching of different writing topics and increase students’ degree of involvement during lessons. Students can be fostered a higher degree of motivation in learning through group discussion with their classmates regarding the coursework.

A diversified assessment mode is employed for the teaching and learning of Chinese Language. With an aim to foster a peer assessment culture, P.5 and P.6 students are requested to fill in the assessment form after they assess their classmates’ work which as well hopes to encourage interactive learning by engaging students in academic exchange such as in the field of writing skills. The Parental Assessment of Students’ Work Activity is held more than one time a term, therefore parents can have better understanding of the learning progress of their children.



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